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RADIX is a troupe of artists of multiple backgrounds who train, play, and create in the East Bay. We came together in 2013 out of a desire to learn from each other, to stretch ourselves as performers, and to make new ensemble-devised work that crossed the borders between theater, music, movement and film. We want to tell stories in unconventional spaces using the available, surrounding materials and drawing on all the skills of the group.

Unlike most theater companies that start with someone's vision for a play and then gather people to execute that vision, we start with the artists we want to work with, and develop a show together based on the stories we want to tell and the skills we have to offer. We perform a wide range of material besides plays, including physical/dance-theater, original adaptations of short stories, and even make short films. We also write and perform original musical scores for our shows and sound often changes what happens on stage and screen.

RADIX (pronounced ray-dix) means root. The word radical comes from radix. But for us, it's also about the idea that good theater has to have good roots. That's the rehearsal, the ensemble, everything that happens under the ground.  Daniil Kharms, the Russian absurdist poet, also had a theater company he called Radix. It lasted for one day.

​Original Works

"Black Rider," RADIX original, inspired by an 18th c. German devil-tale
"The Distance of the Moon," RADIX adaptation of Italo Calvino's Cosmicomic
"Elizaveta Bam," by Daniil Kharms
"Game of Masks," RADIX original
"The Lady Aoi," by Yukio Mishima
"The Lonely Maestro," RADIX original
"The Tragedy of Portia, Princess of Verona," RADIX original
"Tree of Codes," RADIX original, inspired by Jonathan Safran Foer's erasure poem
 "Undream," RADIX original, inspired by the short film "Un Chien Andalou"
"Zangezi," RADIX adaptation of the supersaga by Velimir Khlebnikov

"The Awakening," RADIX original short film, inspired by the myth of Frankenstein
"Zoey & the Wind-Up Boy," RADIX original short film



"A fantastical, visually inventive coming of age story" told through theater, film, and music.
— California Magazine

May 2017

Zoey in the Snow
A young girl named Zoey makes a game of her parents' unraveling relationship.
A one-act play by Joshua Williams.

Zoey & the Wind-Up Boy 
Zoey searches for her long lost twin in the labyrinth of her imagination.
A short film by Marica Petrey, produced by RADIX.

Girl Swallows Nightingale 
Zoey's a teenager now, and she's started a band.


a constellation of stories, song, and film

October 2014

The Russian futurist Velimir Khlebnikov invented a new type of theater he called the supersaga. A supersaga was made of interrelated acts, each with its own special rule, its own special sound, its own special faith. Here in the loft of an old steel foundry we present an original supersaga, inspired by folk tradition, silent movies, the Frankenstein myth, Shakespeare, and the works of the futurist Khlebnikov himself.

The Black Rider
Inspired by “The Fatal Marksman” an 18th century German devil-tale Devised by RADIX

Inspired by “Un Chien Andalou,” the surrealist silent film by Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dalí based on their nightmares

The Awakening 
Inspired by Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. 

Adapted from “Zangezi: A Supersaga in Twenty Planes” by Russian Futurist poet Velimir Khlebnikov. Translation by Paul Schmidt Devised by RADIX


What’s the thread that connects the dots in this constellation of stories? 

When we sat down to develop the project that became Awakening, we were drawn to the writings of Velimir Khlebnikov, the Russian Futurist, poet, mathematician, linguist, ornithologist, jokester, and visionary. He believed that the universe and all of history was made of patterns and waves, and that the force of sound could change these waves. Shortly before his death in 1922, he synthesized his thinking in the epic theater piece Zangezi: a Supersaga in Twenty Planes, which includes poetry, comic vignettes, bird calls, conversations between gods, and incantations in Khlebnikov’s “beyonsense” language. 

Inspired by the pages of Khlebnikov’s notebooks, RADIX continues to explore how the power of sound can drive action in a drama and give breath to emotions. In Awakening, sound alters destiny. It shapes the quality of dreams. It can bring back the dead, transform our humors, and unite humanity’s one soul. 


January 2014

For our first full-length production, we adapted a play, a poem, and a short story. Each with original music we composed.


 A Japanese ghost play by Yukio Mishima. A living ghost tortures her ex-lover with the inside of a piano.


 Movement set to original live music, inspired by Jonathan Safran Foer's erasure poem. A young girl is trapped in a sinking house. The windows shake and the orchestra weeps.


 A theatrical adaptation of the whimsical Cosmicomic by Italo Calvino. Back in a time when the moon orbited so close to earth, you could reach out and touch it.

Developed by: Hannah Michahelles, Marica Petrey, Eli Wirtschafter, Mogli Maureal, Brendan Liu, Eric Newcombe. Our sound engineer, Mogli Maureal, also produced over 30 minutes of original soundscapes for the show.

The Lonely Maestro

Summer 2014

Featuring Eli Wirtschafter, Marica Petrey, and Nick Medina.

Game of Masks

Summer 2013

This is one of our first original short pieces, featuring Dominique Brillon, Hannah Michahelles, Eli Wirtschafter, and Nick Medina.

Elizaveta Bam

Summer, 2012

Our first public performance was an adaptation of Daniil Kharms' Russian Absurdist comedy, "Elizaveta Bam." Featuring Sami Cubias, Nick Medina, Marica Petrey and MAD NOISE.


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