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Radix Troupe Productions

Check out a few of the plugs we've gotten over the past few years...

"A fantastical,

            visually inventive                                     coming-of-age story..."

Cal-Bred Artist Debuts "Zoey & the Wind-Up Boy" 

                                                - California magazine


      RADIX blends songs, instrumentals, and avant-garde sketches to create theatrical experiences by turns moving, hilarious, baffling, and sublime.


by Sam Levin in the East Bay Express, April 1, 2015

Many of RADIX's works function like plays, but what makes the group's brand of experimental theater so compelling is that they utilize sound in arresting ways and integrate musical scores into their narratives..

          As performers, directors, producers, writers and set designers with complete artistic autonomy, RADIX is unrestricted by dramatic conventions or licenses..

by Liza Veale in Oakland

Local, January 28, 2014