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RADIX (pronounced ray-dix) means root. The word radical comes from radix. But for us, it's also about the idea that good storytelling has to have strong roots. That's the rehearsal, the ensemble, everything that happens under the ground.  Daniil Kharms, the Russian absurdist poet, also had a theater company he called Radix. It lasted for one day.

We're a troupe of Bay Area artists dedicated to original storytelling. Founded in 2013 by Marica Kumayama Petrey, we've gone from performing on street corners, sneaking shows into abandoned buildings, to shooting grainy videos about monsters, love, loss, fantastical creatures, red string, and one dead fish.


Over the years, we've been building out into a slightly more official production house for original films, immersive theater, and music. 


Proudly based in Oakland, CA . 

Marica Kumayama Petrey

Artistic Director & Founder, Film and Theater Director, Producer, actor, musician

Marica brought RADIX together! Born into a family of musicians, she started playing cello and singing when she was ten. She completed her BA in performing arts and Russian and Arabic literature at UC Berkeley. She lived in Palestine for over a year, working as a performing arts instructor. After graduating in 2012, she pursued further training in music, acting, and dance at the Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy in Russia.  She's also the singer and band-leader at Girl Swallows Nightingale,  freelance video-journalist and writer for California magazine. She's directed dozens of short films and is looking forward to producing her first feature with Radix Troupe, Kaneko's Owl.

Mogli Maureal

Mogli's SoundCloud, Instagram @themogli

Sound Designer, Music Producer, On-Set Photographer, Drummer, Founding Member

Anthony “Mogli” Maureal was born on the island of Cebu, in the Philippines. When he was 10 years old, his family immigrated to San Jose, California, where he discovered his passion for extreme sports and American music—especially hip hop, metal, alternative rock, ambient, and screamo. He began drumming at the age of 13 and developed his chops playing for his high school’s award-winning marching band. Mogli majored in Sound Arts at Ex’pression College for Digital Arts. Since graduating in 2012, he has been working all over the San Francisco Bay Area as a sound artist, music producer, studio musician, and photographer.

Hannah Michahelles

Founding Member

Actor, acting teacher, drama therapist 

Hanz is a Bay Area theater artist and teacher. She got her undergraduate degree in Theater for Social Justice from Pitzer College, where she spent most of her time off campus facilitating Performance as Healing workshops in a women's prison and juvenile detention center. On campus, she found her love for ensemble generated theater while performing as Zollie the Dollie with The Lipschtick Collective, a radical Queer Burlesque performance troupe. She has worked as an performer, an acting coach in film, and loves writing, performing and devising new work with Radix Troupe, where all of her experimental theater and film dreams come true! 

Julian Pham


Julian studied Studio Art and Sociology at the University of California, Irvine and earned a Masters in Public Administration from SF State. Currently, he is working on a few short and feature length films. 

Sierra Tsang

Production Assistant, Social Media Manager

Sierra is a recent grad from UC Berkeley studying Cognitive Science. Sierra has a passion for photography, music, and learning what makes people tick. As a teenager, Sierra loved experimenting with her mom's Canon and making stop motions and short videos with her friends. Her love for film and all things creative stems from watching a copious amount of music videos.

Joshua Williams

Writer / Lyricist

Joshua Williams is a writer and theatre-maker. His plays have been developed or produced at theatres across the U.S., including the New York Musical Theatre Festival, PlayGround San Francisco and Ars Nova’s ANT Fest. He became part of the Radix family while completing his PhD in Performance Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. His play, Zoey in the Snow, helped inspire the film Zoey and the Wind-Up Boy, which he co-wrote with director Marica Petrey. He is currently working on new collaborations with Radix and Girl Swallows Nightingale, as well as teaching essay writing at Harvard University. 

Eli Wirtschafter

Founding Member

Actor, multi-instrumentalist, singer, word-writer and music-writer

Eli has been playing the violin and making goofy faces for as long as he can recall. He learned how to do Shakespeare at the CalShakes summer camp. He got his BA at UC Berkeley in theater and American Studies. While he was there, he wrote and directed a play called American Shakespeare Riot, based on the deadliest theater riot in US history. Outside of RADIX, Eli has performed with Shotgun Players and We Players. Now he works as a radio reporter with KALW and KQED. Hear his radio stories and his music at

Christy Knudson
Jon Cho-Polizzi

Location Scout 

Instagram: @jpolizei

A part-time scholar and lifelong vagabond specializing in submitting himself to uncomfortable situations around the globe, Jon put his head, harness, and photo albums together with the RADIX Troupe to identify ideal spots to realize  Zoey & the Wind-Up Boy's otherworldly aesthetic on a shoestring and a coil of red thread.

Production Assistant, Social Media Manager



Christy Knudson is a senior at Las Lomas High School. She developed a love for photography at a young age, and it quickly transitioned to an interest in film as well.

Trumpet, Composer

Brendan Liu
Maren Preston

Visual Artist, Costume Designer

Hannah Westbrook 

Dancer, Assistant Director, Stage Manager

Travis Teel

Instillation Artist, Set Designer, Blacksmith

Jacob van Leeuwen 

Editor, Colorist, Thinker, Conspirator 

Kyra Baldwin

Kyra's Portfolio

Visual Artist, Costume Designer

Executive Producer, Driver, Prop Master

Dr. Adam Gratz
Valerie Tu

Stage Manager